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DSTV Price Increase 2020: What You Need to Know

The DSTV price increase 2020 has been a topic of conversation and concern for many customers across South Africa. This change affects the variety of services offered by DSTV Installations SA, a prominent provider in the industry.

DSTV Installations SA: The Company You Can Trust

With over 20 years of experience, DSTV Installations SA’s technicians are Multichoice Certified Experts, ensuring top-notch services and customer satisfaction. The company offers a comprehensive range of services across South Africa, including:

dstv pvr decoder connections

Whether you need assistance with your PVR decoder connections or any related services, DSTV Installations SA has got you covered.

dstv repair centre

For any repair needs, the expert technicians are ready to assist you at the nearest repair centre, ensuring your DSTV devices are in perfect working condition.

dstv satellite dish installation manual

Should you wish to install your satellite dish, they provide comprehensive manuals to guide you through the process, or you can always reach out for professional installation.

dstv satellite settings

Adjusting your DSTV satellite settings for optimal performance is no hassle with their skilled technicians.

dstv select package channel list

Choose the best channels for your needs from the extensive DSTV select package channel list.

dstv self service extra view

Managing your account and subscriptions is easier with the self-service extra view feature, providing you with greater control over your DSTV experience.

dstv setup diagram

Installing your DSTV system? The setup diagrams provided will ensure a smooth process.

dstv splitter installation

For multiple viewing locations within your home, the splitter installation service is available for your convenience.

elsat dstv installation

High-quality elsat DSTV installation ensures you get the best viewing experience.

fibre mitchells plain

Explore the fibre services available in Mitchells Plain area.

glenwood tv

For residents in Glenwood, tailored TV packages are on offer.

how much is dstv easy view

For budget-conscious customers, the DSTV Easy View package provides affordable options.

how to check dstv package

Easily check your DSTV package through their online platforms or by calling their support line at 073 926 4178.

You can also chat with them directly via WhatsApp or connect on their Facebook Page.

Case Study/Reviews

“I was worried about the DSTV price increase 2020, but the team at DSTV Installations SA guided me to the right package that suited my budget. Their technicians were highly skilled, and the dstv splitter installation service was top-notch!” – Customer, Durban

Frequently Asked Questions about DSTV Price Increase 2020

Q: Why was there a DSTV price increase in 2020?
A: The price increase was necessary to continue providing quality services and to accommodate various operational costs.

Q: How does the DSTV price increase 2020 affect my current package?
A: You can consult the dstv select package channel list to find a package that fits your budget.

Understanding the DSTV Explora Experience

One of the standout offerings from DSTV Installations SA is the DSTV Explora. This innovative device brings high-definition viewing into your home, with options to record, pause and rewind live TV. If you’ve been considering an upgrade, don’t let the DSTV price increase 2020 deter you. Here’s how to install dstv explora smart lnb for a richer viewing experience:

  1. Ensure you have all the necessary equipment, including the Explora decoder, smart LNB, and a dish.
  2. Connect the smart LNB to the dish, ensuring correct alignment for optimal signal reception.
  3. Follow the setup wizard on your Explora decoder to complete the installation.

However, if you encounter any difficulties, the expert technicians at DSTV Installations SA are just a call away, ready to assist you at 073 926 4178.

Exploring OpenView HD Installation

The DSTV price increase 2020 may have you exploring other entertainment options. A popular choice is OpenView HD, a free-to-air satellite TV service with over 20 television and radio channels. DSTV Installations SA can guide you through the openview hd installation process, providing an alternative or complement to your DSTV subscription.

Embracing the Future of Entertainment

Despite the DSTV price increase 2020, DSTV Installations SA is committed to offering affordable, quality entertainment solutions for all households across South Africa. They’re continually expanding their service offerings to keep pace with advances in technology and changes in viewing habits.

As a trusted provider, they also offer additional services such as tv repairs durbanville, ensuring a seamless viewing experience for all clients.

More Reviews

“The DSTV price increase 2020 initially had me concerned, but the quality of the DSTV Installations SA’s service and their assistance in managing my subscription made it worthwhile. They’re definitely the best in the business!” – Customer, Cape Town


The DSTV price increase 2020 was undoubtedly a significant adjustment for many. However, it’s important to view it as part of the continuous effort by providers like DSTV Installations SA to offer an ever-improving, high-quality service to its customers. Whether you’re seeking help with DSTV installations, OpenView HD, TV repairs, or simply want to understand your subscription options better, DSTV Installations SA remains your reliable partner in all things related to digital entertainment.

For any questions, concerns, or service requests, contact DSTV Installations SA at 073 926 4178, or chat with them via WhatsApp. For updates and customer testimonials, visit their Facebook Page. Their team of certified experts is ready and eager to provide you with the best service experience.


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